Thinking about conversion? People choose to become Jewish for many different reasons. Some came to Judaism after a long spiritual search. Many people who eventually convert had their interest sparked because of a romantic relationship with someone Jewish. Among the reasons most given by people who do convert are:

♦  Judaism has sensible religious beliefs.

♦  Becoming Jewish allows the convert to share the faith of the partner.

♦  Becoming Jewish makes the family religiously united.

♦  Becoming Jewish will make it easier for children by giving them a clear religious identity.

Think about your own reasons. Remember, conversion must be your own free choice, not done because of pressure, but out of a genuine desire to embrace Judaism. You may find this helpful.

If and when you feel ready to take the next step, we will put you in touch with a Liberal Rabbi who will discuss the issues with you before you decide whether to enrol for a course of study leading to conversion. Part of the conversion process involves regular attendance at services.